The Employers' Association of insurance companies in Germany (AGV)

Abbildung einer Außenaufnahme des Bürogebäudes
Außenaufnahme des Bürogebäudes

The Employers‘ Association of insurance companies in Germany (AGV) is the sociopolitical umbrella organisation of the German insurance industry. One of our main tasks is to conduct nationwide collective bargaining for the insurance companies on the employers side.

99 % of all German insurance companies operating in Germany are members of our association.

Functions of the AGV

The AGV conducts all union negotiations (ver.di, DHV and DBV) and reaches general agreements with these unions. It keeps its members informed about all sociopolitical matters and represents their interests against the state, associations and in public. In addition the AGV comments on questions of Labour Law and Social Legislation.

The AGV also acts as the insurance industry’s representative in the Labour and Social Courts as well as being the self-regulatory body for social insurance and supports its members in their HR related activities and their employer objectives. In addition it deals with questions of  vocational education and further training.