Contact persons of the Economics and Statistics Department

  • Portrait of Dr. Michael Gold

    Dr. Michael Gold

    Head of Economics and Statistics Department
    Degree in Economics / Data Protection Officer IHK

    Economics and business administration
    Business management commissions
    Public relations
    Health protection and management
    Database for company agreements
    Ad hoc surveys
    Member administration

    Phone: +49 89 922001-23


  • Portrait of Julia Blank

    Julia Blank


    Public relations
    Statistical and econometric analyses
    Women in management
    Health management
    Conception of new event formats

    Phone: +49 89 922001-21

    E-Mail: julia.blank@remove-this.agv-vers(dot)de

  • Portrait of Simone Rehbronn

    Simone Rehbronn, M.A.


    Public relations
    Women in management
    Social autonomy
    Education surveys
    Training surveys
    Consumer price index (CPI)
    Health management

    Phone: +49 89 922001-25

    E-Mail: simone.rehbronn@remove-this.agv-vers(dot)de

  • Portrait of Olga Worm

    Olga Worm


    Social statistical data
    Flexible personnel statistics
    Employment trends
    Absenteeism surveys
    Employee turnover surveys
    Tracking developments in gross premiums
    Key economic performance figures
    Personnel cost surveys

    Phone: +49 89 922001-24

    E-Mail: olga.worm@remove-this.agv-vers(dot)de

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