Contact persons of the International Social Policies

  • Portrait of Dr. Sebastian Hopfner

    Dr. Sebastian Hopfner

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    Legal Adviser (Inhouse Lawyer), Specialist lawyer for employment law

    Collective bargaining law
    Restructuring/business transfers
    Corporate pension schemes
    European social policies
    European works council
    Social dialogue

    Phone: +49 89 922001-66

    E-Mail: sebastian.hopfner@remove-this.agv-vers(dot)de

  • Porträt von Kerstin Römelt

    Kerstin Römelt

    Legal Adviser (Inhouse Lawyer)

    European law
    Wage classification
    Remuneration design
    Employment contract design
    Working time law
    Vacation law
    Semi retirement
    Maternity rights/Parental leave

    Phone: +49 89 922001-19

    E-Mail: kerstin.roemelt@remove-this.agv-vers(dot)de