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Employers' Association of insurance companies
in Germany (AGV)

Arabellastraße 29
81925 Munich
phone +49 89 922001-0
e-mail: agvvers@remove-this.agv-vers(dot)de

  • Dr. Andreas Eurich (Chairman of the Board)
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Walthes (Vice Chairman)
  • Ulrich Leitermann (Vice Chairman)
  • Dr. Robert Wehn (Vice Chairman)
  • Dr. Michael Niebler (Chief Executive Officer)

Registration Court

Register of Associations of the Local Court Munich


VR 11518

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Responsible for the content: Dr. Michael Niebler (Chief Executive Officer)

Editors: Dr. Sebastian Hopfner (Deputy Chief Executive Officer), Dr. Michael Gold (Managing Director), Betina Kirsch (Managing Director)

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