Demography brochure

Demografie-Broschüre 2012
demography brochure 2012

„The insurance sector is aware of the need to intensify efforts to attract qualified and highly trained employees. It is especially neccessary for the insurance sector to be seen as an attractive industry with interesting career options.“

This position derives from the joint demography statement of the social partners regarding the demographic challenges in the European insurance industry. To highlight the good practical approaches in the sector they agreed to publish a demography brochure as a follow-on measure illustrating the diverse and creative initiatives being undertaken by companies. The social partners published the first joint brochure on the subject of demography in 2012. This represents a consistent implementation of the joint statement.

The sector representatives have therefore followed up their words with actions in a manner which has impressed the European Commission, in that the project has already been held up a number of times as a measure of what other sectors should aspire to. Based on the joint European demography statement, the examples given in the booklet relate to measures in the areas of Work-Life Balance, Qualifications and Lifelong Learning, and Health and Safety at Work.

„With its aging and declining population, Europe faces an unprecedented demographic challenge. This affects insurers not only as product providers but also as employers. We hope that the examples in the booklet will inspire other companies and social partners to find successful ways to address demographic change in the insurance sector. We have no doubt that more good practices will emerge as a result“ says Dr. Sebastian Hopfner, Deputy CEO at AGV and Chairman of the Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee.

In 2016, the European social partners published a reprint of the demography brochure presenting further sectoral examples, but this time with a focus on the central and eastern European member states. In addition to the areas presented in the previous format the latest brochure also addresses measures in the fields of Telework and Working Longer.