European Demography Project

The European employer and employee representatives in the insurance sector (Insurance Europe, AMICE, BIPAR and UNI Europa) have been discussing the demographic challenges for the sector since 2010. The AGV is actively participating in this exchange of opinions as part of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue. This usually takes place three times per year at the invitation of the European Commission in Brussels.

The project, which started with the European demography statement and was jointly approved in 2010, continued to develop steadily over subsequent years. Today, the work of the European social partners in the insurance sector is considered a model for other sectors by the European Commission, particularly in regard to the quality and intensity of the dialogue. The main thematic focuses of the project are:

  1. Work-Life Balance,
  2. Qualifications and Lifelong Learning,
  3. Health and Safety at Work,
  4. Teleworking, and
  5. Working Longer.


The insurance sector's demography project, which has for a second time obtained funding from the European Commission for European social partner projects, comprises:


    • Discussions on joint positions adopted by the social partners (joint statements and brochures),
    • Presentations of good practice by the social partners as part of the meetings of the Sectoral Social Dialogue,
    • Thematic special events, and
    • Project evaluation.
    Elke Maes und Dr. Sebastian Hopfner, alternierende Vorsitzende des Europäischen Sektoralen Sozialen Dialogs
    Elke Maes and Dr. Sebastian Hopfner, alternating Chairs of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue

    The employer and employee representatives of the European insurance sector aim in the demography project to:

    1. make the sector aware of the demographic challenges;
    2. promote the exchange of experiences on handling the demographic trends; and
    3. point out the outstanding working conditions in the sector when compared Europe-wide.