Demography workshop in Bratislava

In September 2015 the European social partners of the insurance sector (Insurance Europe, AMICE, BIPAR and UNI Europa) met for an interactive workshop in Bratislava. The focus of this workshop was exchanges on handling demographic changes in the European insurance sector, particularly in central and eastern Europe, and on the update of the demography brochure which was then jointly published in 2016. For over five years the European social partners have been in dialogue on demography.

Erfahrungsaustausch über die Arbeitsbedingungen in der slowakischen Versicherungswirtschaft
Exchanging experience about working conditions in the Slovakian insurance sector

The workshop was chaired jointly by the alternating chairs of the Sectoral Social Dialogue, Dr. Sebastian Hopfner (AGV) and Elke Maes (UNI Europa). In addition to presentations of practical approaches in dealing with the demographic challenges for the Slovakian and Czech social partners (including Allianz Slovenská poistovna), the work on the reprint of the European demography brochure was also presented. In the afternoon session of the workshop, specific questions relating to the five areas of focus in the planned brochure reprint were discussed in small groups, staged in the form of a World Café. The questions related to Work-Life Balance, Qualifications and Lifelong Learning, Health and Safety at Work, Teleworking and Working Longer.

The participants, particularly the social partners in the new member states, appreciated the intensive exchange of experience and the fruitful conversations during the event. The European Commission expressly welcomed the commitment of the European social partners in the insurance sector, and emphasised the importance of the Social Dialogue as an essential element in the European social model. As one of the key future challenges for the insurance sector in Europe, the Commission emphasised progressive digitalisation.