Exchange of experience

Sitzung des Sektoralen Sozialen Dialogs
Session of the Sectoral Social Dialogue at the European Commission in Brussels

One of the key aims of the European demography project is the exchange of views on current developments of demographic challenges within the sector, both with companies and national and international sectoral representatives. This exchange generally takes place during the joint sessions in Brussels, to which the AGV has on occasion invited its members to present theme-specific projects. Special events on selected themes are held from time to time.

In addition to this, proven practices in the European insurance sector were bundled together in the form of a demography brochure in 2012, for which German companies amongst others presented examples taken from practice. A reprint of this brochure with further examples was published in 2016 which focuses on central and eastern European member states.

Europäische Arbeitgebervertreter der Versicherungswirtschaft
European employer representatives from the insurance sector at the Social Dialogue meeting

The key outcomes of the European Social Dialogue in the insurance sector are notably the joint statements on demography from 2010 and on teleworking in 2015. Via the joint statements the social partners contribute specific, but intentionally non-binding, recommendations on practice.

Following intensive discussions with ver.di in November 2014 the AGV was able to devise a sustainable solution for the implementation of the joint demography statement in Germany. After three years of negotiations the social partners agreed on a joint demography statement for the German insurance sector. With this statement the German social partners are underlining their awareness of the challenges faced by insurance companies, as employers, due to the demographic trends in the population.