Psychological health for staff in communication-intensive professions

Project description

Various ADAC service units work to cater to the needs and requirements of just under 19 million members. These include customer service departments managing extremely traumatic experiences of members, such as coping with death while on holiday. In-depth analyses of these areas of operation have shown that some of the staff involved are faced with high emotional stress levels. ADAC found, for instance, that about one third of those questioned reported difficulties relaxing/unwinding after work. The ADAC health management team recognised the necessity of developing a comprehensive workplace health programme for staff whose roles involve complex communication.


The above programme is embedded in a stress management system for staff in communication intensive roles. Additional components include:

  • „Keep healthy despite stress“ – seminar
  • Peer support system – specially-trained and approachable first stage contact persons
  • Supervision – case discussion
  • Case management – social counselling

Partners involved

The programme is offered by the ADAC health management team. All seminar modules are delivered by external coaches.

Impacts and benefits

The aim of the one-year programme is to raise personal health awareness and strengthen regulation skills with a view to preventing and reducing stress, conflicts and emotional distress, as well as to enhance the staff’s unwinding/relaxation potential. Since 2012, the ADAC health programme has been part of normal operations. The health programme has met with very positive feedback and the number of those interested in taking part has risen steadily. Evaluation of the programme to monitor the sustainability of success achieved showed significant improvements in the prevention culture and individual health awareness – and consequently a higher degree of responsibility in individuals. The participation rate is currently 36% in this specific group of staff.