Occupational Health Management at Allianz Deutschland

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    Approx. 24,000
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    Daniela Breidbach

Project description

Allianz Deutschland has a proud tradition of promoting and encouraging health. Allianz has already been supporting and nurturing its staff through a variety of health services for a long time. These services were reviewed in a project undertaken in 2013, following which the guidelines for the future development of Occupational Health Management were revised, the aims being to link the activities already in place even more closely together and to target usage of available resources with even greater care.

With that in mind, proven services (sports classes, „health days”, corporate integration management, bowel cancer check-ups, etc.) have been revamped and the portfolio of services – previously heavily geared towards prevention – has been expanded with new additions intended to help individual employees who have health restrictions, or units that revealed anomalies in analyses (Employee Assistance Programme, health circles). The overall package is complemented by additional modules for managerial staff on „healthy leadership”.

„Health days”, run in the style of a roadshow covering a six-week period, have been held at all Allianz Deutschland’s twelve main offices since the start of 2014. Echoing the campaign run by the VBG (Employers‘ Liability Insurance Association), „Healthy Back” was the slogan chosen for the first programme of events. A wide range of information on back ailments was presented, including their causes and possible ways of finding relief. With the support of trainers opportunities are also given to try out a very wide variety of exercise equipment, discover modern training options with smartphones and the like and make use of various examination and consultation services.

As an accompanying measure all employees are offered comprehensive specialist back screening.

Partners involved

Occupational Health Management at Allianz Deutschland is coordinated by the Health Team in the HR Politics & Guidelines Department. It is implemented in consultation with the company medical service, a cross-site taskforce comprising works council committees and the local HR officers.

The first and foremost prerequisite for successful health management is that the issue is anchored at management level, from the board to the group manager. Within their own sphere of responsibility everyone must utilise the space and means available to integrate health-conscious action into work procedures, whether in the form of active breaks during group meetings or by managerial staff modelling such conduct.

Impacts and benefits

The „health days” were attended by around one third of the staff. The feedback indicates a very high level of acceptance and willingness to recommend them to others. More than 95% of participants reported back that they had personally learned and picked up something new.