Measures supporting compatibility of family and work

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    Allianz Deutschland AG
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    Versicherungskonzern, 28.000 Beschäftigte

Background to introducing the measure

Measures for better compatibility of work and family life are increasingly important. The requirements placed on organising day-to-day life increase notably if a person's partner is also in employment. Allianz has set itself the target of actively supporting employees in harmonising their work life with their family life.

Implementation date/duration


Partners involved

Allianz Deutschland AG, Allianz Deutschland AG Works Council

Object of the measure

Allianz Deutschland AG offers daycare for children of employees during the holidays. Children aged between 6 and 12 are cared for during the summer and autumn holidays. In addition, employees can take up the offer of professional help from an outside advisory service able to assist in searching for and arranging childcare solutions. In the event of short-term loss of regular care arrangements, there is an offer available to take up emergency childcare provision via a back-up establishment run by an outside service provider. In addition, Allianz offers employees with children aged between 0 and 6 years a financial top-up towards the costs of outside childcare. To support balancing family and work, the company is also committed to providing assistance in harmonising work and adult caring responsibilities. Professional phone advice is available for questions relating to care issues. Similarly, employees can find out in detail at one of the information events offered across the country about what happens should a care need arise within the family, and the various aspects associated with that.