Healthy Working – Work-Life Balance

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    Name of the company
    Allianz Deutschland AG
    Corporate headquarters
    Size and sector
    Insurance group, 28,000 employees

Background to introducing the measure

Today's information society with its technical means of communication has meant that processes happen ever faster. At the same time, technology has made it possible for us to be contactable by anyone at any time. This development means, on the one hand, that we can work more flexibly than ever before, and young people in Generation Y and Z also expect this flexibility in the world of work. On the other hand, there is a danger that employees will become over-stressed through their own actions, simply because the feeling of needing to be constantly available prevents a person from relaxing properly, thereby putting proper rest and recovery between daily phases of work at risk. This applies equally to all phases of resting and recovery, i.e. to holidays just as much as to weekends or after-work times.

Implementation date/duration

Since July 2013, with further expansions being planned

Partners involved

Allianz Deutschland AG and the Allianz Deutschland AG Works Council

Object of the measure

In a campaign titled „Gesund Arbeiten“ („Healthy Working“) Allianz has clearly set out that it does not expect its employees to be contactable when on holiday, at the weekends, or after working hours. To achieve this, rules on deputising are to be established, and discussions held in advance to determine how employees might be contacted in the event of emergencies. To date, the key expectations regarding holidays, weekends and after-work hours have been communicated.

The communications media used were:

  • E-mails from the Executive Board
  • Intranet articles and interviews
  • Posters
  • Table-stands in the canteens
  • Exhibition stands at health days
  • Feedback cards
  • Etc.