Allianz health check - comprehensive health provision

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Project description

Given the current situation of demographic changes, skill shortages and the increase in lifestyle diseases as well as work-related stress, investing in employee health is becoming increasingly important. In light of this Allianz SE has been fully engaged in a structured implementation of Occupational Health Management (OHM). The stated objective of the project is the maintenance and promotion of employee health and well-being. This project goes hand-in-hand with the company’s anti-stress policy.

The Allianz Health Check was developed as an analysis tool for this purpose. It is a comprehensive check-up which takes into consideration both physical and psychological health as well as work-related stress. It is offered to every employee on a departmental basis and is of course voluntary.

The health check is made up of a questionnaire on medical history together with the measurement of various biomarkers. Each participant discusses the results in detail with the company doctor. A personal health action plan is offered and any symptoms or illnesses receive early intervention. Where anomalies have been revealed in company units „health circles” for more detailed analysis have been set up, with guided workshops at employee level to assess the situation and to develop appropriate measures. This system takes into account both individual needs as well as working conditions.

Partners involved

The project is managed by the healthcare working group which comprises representatives from Personnel Services, the various departments, the works council and the company doctor, all working in close cooperation with the Communications Department. Occupational health promotion measures are out-sourced to external providers. The „health circle” is chaired by a statutory health insurance company.

A prerequisite for successful health management is the belief and the engagement of the management board. It must make available the necessary financial resources. A high level of specialist knowledge among the accountable representatives of the health working group as well as the participation of all relevant stakeholders in the company in the sphere of employee health complements this.

Successful implementation of the project also requires that both employees and employers are open to change.

Impacts and benefits

Because it is an internal project participation rates of 40% to 65% can be achieved. It is planned to repeat the survey every three years so that health benefits can be evaluated. Early diagnosis and treatment of health problems result in a positive effect on the workforce, although this is a factor which cannot be easily reflected in key corporate data. The annual employee survey does, however, reveal key figures which are positively influenced by the project.