Healthcare management at Basler Versicherungen

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    ca. 2.000 Mitarbeiter
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    Thomas Drewes

Project description

Basler Versicherungen regularly brings the topic of healthcare management into focus through a wide range of measures, for example the organisation of regular „health days” with the aim of informing employees about specific health issues and a healthy lifestyle, as well as promoting awareness of their own health. For the past five years these events have been held once a year for a full day.

The idea behind these measures that focus on health is to regularly give employees the opportunity to learn about health-related issues while simultaneously offering them an information platform. At the same time Basler Versicherungen hopes that its easily accessible services will promote discussion of health matters. A specific example is the regular opportunity for On Point Massages at the Basler premises.

In addition to the health events covering a range of issues Basler Versicherungen offers its employees regular support services such as:

  • Stress management
  • Healthy, balanced nutrition
  • Ergonomic seating
  • Eye exercises
  • Determination of health risk factors
  • Stopping smoking
  • Vaccination advice

Partners involved

Collaboration with various external experts in relation to the above mentioned healthcare measures.

Impacts and benefits

The most important factor of success is an interesting range of services offered (based on feedback of participants and interested employees) as well as the opportunity of integrating activities into everyday life. Vicinity to the workplace is another significant factor for success.

The benefits of the measures that have been organised can currently only be assessed on the basis of positive feedback from participants. The impact on „hard facts” is not yet available.