Spiral stabilization - A Thera-Band resistance band course

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Project description

Occupational healthcare promotion is a matter of great importance to the German branch of Coface. Consequently, the company organised the event „Spiral Stabilization” to help employees ease or prevent back problems.

The specific aim of the measure was to strengthen the back or the spine which bears the strain of sedentary office work. Thera-Band exercises that can easily and regularly be carried out at the desk were demonstrated. Dr. Smisek’s spiral stabilization exercises using the Thera-Band – the smallest fitness studio in the world – enable everyone to do balance and coordination exercises, and to strengthen, regenerate and relax their muscles.

The event was organised in several Coface departments on one day. The participants were divided into several groups depending on the size of the department.

At the end of the event every employee who had taken part was given a DVD that showed all the exercises that had been demonstrated in detail. This meant that everyone had the opportunity to go through the exercises once more and practise them at home if they wanted to.

Partners involved

A company doctor, a health management expert and, of course, the employees who had enrolled on the course were all involved in the spiral stabilization project. One or two physiotherapists demonstrated the exercises, depending on the size of the company.

Impacts and benefits

The aim of the event was to show the employees that everyone can do something to relieve back or spinal discomfort at the workplace even with simple exercises.