Strategic healthcare management at Concordia – designing working conditions

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Project description

Concordia believes healthy and motivated employees to be the key to a company’s future sustainability. For this reason, an occupational healthcare promotion policy based on an integrated approach to health was developed. Since 2009 the company has implemented the following solutions:

  • „Keep Healthy” initiative
    Concordia’s „Keep Healthy” initiative regularly offers healthcare promotion programmes (e.g. back health, qigong, lectures).
  • Advice and consultation
    For those employees who feel under strain due to stressful and high-pressure situations, an internal support network has been set up where contact persons offer concrete help. In addition, all employees can use the services of a specialised, external team to obtain help and support if faced with difficult personal and work-related situations.
  • Corporate integration management
    In order to offer individual support to employees with long-term illness, a corporate integration management (§84 SGB IX) was introduced.
  • Project „Designing Working Conditions”
    Concordia plans to offer its employees the opportunity to adapt their working arrangements to their living situation. In order to achieve this, the project „Designing Working Conditions” deals with the development of reliable conditions by assessing the realisation of various options as flexible working arrangements (lifelong or annual working-time accounts, job sharing, expansion of teleworking) within the company. Furthermore, the project is intended to investigate whether child-care options would help employees to ease the balancing act of juggling work and family life.

Partners involved

Designing working conditions includes both flexible working arrangements and ideas for workplace planning and technical infrastructure. These issues require close cooperation between the relevant departments. For this reason, Concordia attaches particular importance to the integration of all organisation units and committees in the project team. These include, among others, HR, organisation, facility, data processing and, of course, the works council.

Impacts and benefits

Concordia is convinced that the ability to balance work and family life promotes well-being, health and employee motivation. This has a positive impact on the employees’ commitment and consequently on their quality and quantity of work. By taking into consideration an employee’s specific needs at a certain time in his life, the staff turnover rate and absenteeism can be reduced. Staff commitment can create a competitive advantage over other companies, particularly in times of demographic changes, and can offer Concordia the opportunity to position itself as an attractive employer in the job market.