Healthcare workshops on psychological risk analysis

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Project description

Generali Versicherungen has developed its own system to meet the requirements of §§ 5 and 6 of the German Occupational Safety and Health Act. The aim was to find an internal solution to recognise and reduce psychological strain that would be acceptable to both management and staff. After completion of the pilot phase the procedure is to be established in a company-wide agreement.

Partners involved

Under the leadership of the HR Department, a project was implemented to introduce psychological health risk analysis. The project manager was the head of Strategic HR which also comprises the Healthcare Management Department. Representatives of the central works council and a specialist for occupational health and safety took part and, at the beginning of the project Prof. Alfred Oppolzer of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences was involved in an advisory capacity.

Impacts and benefits

The focus was on the development of an effective and standardised system which can be put into practice at Generali Versicherungen in the operational and staff areas after completion of the pilot phase. The plan is to repeat the project on a two-year cycle. The greatest challenge was to appropriately divide the functional and process responsibilities with the corporate areas which have already been analysed. The areas should be able to focus on the results and at the same time receive support to deal with complex issues relating to stress in the workplace.

The completed project cycles to date have shown that the system „Healthcare workshop on psychological risk analysis” is well-suited and strengthens the persons concerned so that they are able to find their own solutions to the difficulties they face. A standardised process of 15 stages has proved successful here. It starts with an opening talk in the respective corporate area, progresses to an online survey and a one-day healthcare workshop and ends with a final evaluation after one year.