The Gothaer group – Stress management within the healthcare programme "GoFit"

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Project description

Employee health is an invaluable asset for every company and maintaining and promoting this is a vital task. Consequently Occupational Health Management (OHM) at Gothaer has a prominent role. Stress management is a central action point of the „Gofit” OHM programme.

Gothaer follows a two-stage company-developed concept as an intervention method in cases of stress and imminent burnout. In an initial stage („Stress Blitz”) the coach visits employees at their workplace and works through a guided relaxation technique. This helps the employee develop trust in the coach and reduces any inhibitions to participating in follow-up measures. The employee can, as a second stage, set up a private meeting („Stress Coaching”) which allows current stress levels to be analysed and individual solution strategies to be developed. Stress at the workplace, psychological/physical problems and work-life balance are given priority treatment. Participants particularly value the fact that the private coaching sessions focus on their individual needs. (See table)

Evaluation of the Stress-Coaching: A vast majority praises the individuality of the coaching and would recommend it

A stress hotline is available as a follow-up measure. It offers counselling at short notice and outside the framework of the OHM programme „GoFit”.

As complementary measures, Gothaer arranges a number of seminars for its employees and managers – „Stress Competence” and „Healthy Leadership”. This programme is rounded off by a diverse range of exercise and relaxation courses.

Partners involved

The healthcare steering committee is responsible for implementation of the wide-ranging stress management programme. It comprises the HR Department, the company medical services, Corporate Security, Mediexpert the group subsidiary for OHM, the company sports club, the officer for addiction and dependency problems, as well as Healthcare Product Management.

Impacts and benefits

Scientific studies show the positive impact of OHM. For example, in a survey of participants of „GoFit” courses certified in accordance with § 20 of the German Social Code (book V), there was a 27% cut in absenteeism. A survey on „return on investment” established that back problems and stress symptoms among employees could be reduced through intervention programmes and, moreover there was a rise in employee job satisfaction. The conclusion for Gothaer is clear: OHM is an investment in the performance potential of employees – and it pays off!