GVVital – The GVV Versicherungen healthcare programme

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    GVV Kommunalversicherung VVaG, GVV Privatversicherung AG
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    ca. 330 Mitarbeiter
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    Sabrina Prentler

Project description

Since 2006 GVV has been continuously supporting its employees in promoting their own health. This policy started with the introduction of various ”health days” and individual measures in the Cologne and Wiesbaden offices and developed into the current comprehensive health concept „GVVital”. This healthcare programme is nowadays an inherent part of corporate philosophy and is seen as a long-term matter. As a result of demographic changes and the current retirement age, it is particularly important to be able to employ staff up to the age of 67 and for them to remain able to work. The health of each employee can be protected and promoted through occupational healthcare measures combined with individual responsibility.

In order to create initial awareness among employees of health issues, „health days” were organised in cooperation with external service providers, giving employees an opportunity to take part in occupational health screening as well as in various preventive measures such as a cardio scan, a back check-up or advice from a nutritionist. Courses on stress management and back strengthening were also offered. The employees showed such a keen interest in these events that GVV has, in recent years, continued to expand the healthcare measures it offers. In addition to workplace inspections and the ergonomic design of the working environment, GVV organised, for example, weekly physiotherapy and participation in company runs. In addition to the existing occupational medical measures influenza vaccinations are available once a year. Also, a special programme focusing on stress was organised, offering all employees the opportunity to take part in individual stress coaching measures. The coach visited individual workers at their workplace, analysed their working situation and gave useful advice on reducing stress. Parallel to this the management attended a seminar on improved stress management.

In 2014 a new concept was introduced with the aim of further improving the integration of the topic „occupational health” in the company and its processes. This is based on modules which GVV wishes to offer quarterly to its employees in Cologne and Wiesbaden as a health awareness action.

Impacts and benefits

Targeted, company-specific measures directed towards Occupational Health Management not only promote employee healthcare but also boost the employee’s motivation and quality of life. Stress in the workplace can be reduced, preventing possible situations that could become a health risk. Company results can also benefit in the long term when healthcare management becomes a managerial responsibility. Short-term effects are difficult to pinpoint and quantify but GVV is convinced that healthcare management is a good investment in the future.