The Itzehoer-Initiative "Don't let stress stress you out – we'll take care of it"

    Itzehoer Versicherungen
    Corporate headquarters
    Itzehoer Platz, 25521 Itzehoe
    Number of employees
    820 Mitarbeiter
    Contact person
    Barbara Delle

Partners involved

  • Occupational Health Management
  • Otheb GmbH – employee support (EAP)
  • DAK Gesundheit
  • Coaching trainer

Impacts and benefits

Our employees should profit from our project partners’ experience in finding ways to prevent stress and other psychological conditions. The understanding of psychological health, dealing with employees under stress and the managers’ satisfaction with their own work-life balance should be improved. This also applies to the capacity to manage these topics. In addition the taboo of „psychological strains” should be broken and relaxation techniques tried out.