NÜRNBERGER's slogan for occupational health provision: Sportier - Healthier - Safer

    Project description

    Außenansicht des Business-Towers der NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe
    Außenansicht des Business-Towers der NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe

    The plans for the NÜRNBERGER’s preventative healthcare project were launched in 2010. Employee campaigns officially started in 2011 with a health awareness week at the head office in Nuremberg under the slogan „sportier – healthier – safer” along with an intranet site with the same slogan. Since then the topic has become firmly established in the NÜRNBERGER personnel policy, is holistic and regularly expanded.

    In order to develop a comprehensive package of measures, five fields of intervention were set out: exercise, nutrition, mental health, leadership and the areas of ergonomics/occupational health and safety/medicine. Within these fields, many aspects were already implemented in order to effectively maintain and foster the health of employees and managers. The spectrum ranges from sport and relaxation courses offered by the NÜRNBERGER sports club to healthy menu options in the company restaurant and individual ergonomic advice, first-aid courses and the services of the company doctor. To promote healthcare awareness among employees and to familiarise them with the available services and treatments, ”health days” are regularly held at the head office in Nuremberg and at branch offices throughout Germany.

    NÜRNBERGER seminars on „Maintaining Health and Performance Capacity” which are designed within the company are exemplary. In a two-day foundation seminar the participants learn how to retain their long-term well-being and work potential. They learn how to cope better with challenging situations and how to develop strategies which are consistent with their personal working values. An advanced seminar refreshes and expands this knowledge to ensure a long-term effect. There is also an advanced seminar for managers which includes the acquisition of soft skills to influence positively the performance potential of their employees and to give them the security and support they need.

    Partners involved

    The occupational preventative healthcare measures are led by the HR Department in consultation with other relevant functions (e.g. company doctor, occupational health and safety officer, ergonomics expert, works council, the NÜRNBERGER Akademie). In addition, NÜRNBERGER works with external partners such as the employers’ mutual insurance association, health insurance companies and professional trainers.