The R+V career model: a plus for your prospects. The R+V career model – our shared route for your personal further development

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    R+V Versicherungsgruppe
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    Size and sector
    Insurance group, approx. 14,500 employees in Germany, € 13.5bn gross premiums (as at: 2014)

Background to introducing the measure

The reasons for introducing the R+V career model are wide-ranging. In part, it is due to changing insurance markets. Alongside this, insurance companies – as financial service providers – are particularly reliant on the know-how and motivation of their employees. On the other hand, the shortage of specialist staff and the need to fill key posts internally, together with the demands of Generation Y, make it necessary to further develop existing instruments.

To secure the success of the company and its attractiveness as an employer for the long term, R+V is therefore increasingly reliant on systematic staff development. With its comprehensive job grading, three career paths enjoying equal status and its employee performance review, the R+V career model today forms the basis for diverse routes to development and qualification measures, whilst also enabling intensive dialogue between employee and manager.

Implementation date/duration

The preliminary concept work for the career model was started before 2012. In 2012, R+V launched the company-wide introduction of its comprehensive career model. Introduction of the specialist career path is set to complete in September 2015.

Partners involved

All areas of HR and management through to the Executive Board were involved in devising and implementing the model, alongside employees. In addition, the Works Council was regularly and systematically involved in the concept phase and in implementation on a basis of partnership. The Works Council contributed constructively and made valuable contributions, particularly in a 'lessons learned' phase following the first part introduction.

Object of the measure

In the career model R+V possesses an HR tool which is valid for all departments and offers employees in the company three equivalent career paths in management, projects and specialist areas. The career model offers two main advantages:

Firstly, transparency over tasks, functions and valency is created on the basis of a consistent grading of all posts. This makes it possible to show concrete development options for employees, but also defined career routes for posts which are success-critical. The three career paths also enable R+V as an employer to promote employees in a focussed manner and to identify succession needs and potentials more accurately.

Moreover, the quality of employee performance reviews was improved. In addition to the performance appraisal and the agreement on objectives, the focus is now increasingly on factors influencing performance and employee's personal skills, based on a competency model. There is therefore markedly more emphasis on the dialogue between employee and manager. Individual development paths can be outlined, and gaining qualifications can be discussed systematically and on a standardised basis.

Figure: R+V career model: Leaflet
Figure: R+V career model: Leaflet

In addition, the employee performance review also sees targets and measures for personal continuing professional development being agreed with the employee and set down in a development plan. To realise personal development within the career model framework, it is linked to wide-ranging offers for qualification and further development. For example, offers include on- and near-the-job training and offers for job visits and rotation, coaching and mentoring or self-study. Off-the-job there are e.g. opportunities for attending seminars of the personnel development department and of external providers, specialist training courses or to engage in continuing professional development with an accredited qualification on completion.

Effects and benefits realised

The introduction of the new career model at head office with equal-status careers for management, projects and specialist areas has seen new opportunities for development opening up today, with greater transparency for employee career development. Given the demographic change and the identifiable scarcity of specialist staff, R+V is looking to commit its employees to the company for the long term through attractive opportunities for career development. In future, on the one hand the options offered under the model framework will continue to be used. On the other, projects for specialist qualifications and career routes have already been launched.

Key success factors/obstacles

To ensure the success of the career model, it was vitally important to involve the Works Council and to provide training to managers and employees. In addition, extensive change and information measures concerning the aims and content of the career model were critical to its success.

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