A powerful trio - family, work and healthcare at VPV

Project description

„Actions speak louder than words” served as a guiding principle for VPV in 2012 when it was looking for a solution to achieve a good balance of family, work and employee health. Occupational Health Management (OHM) is a key action point in VPV’s corporate strategy. The ties between employees and VPV are even stronger and potential job candidates view the company in a positive light. Family friendly measures at the workplace are linked to corporate and HR strategy and are part of the corporate culture. The in-house „VPV Family Service” offers a wide range of flexible services for office-based staff and the sales force throughout Germany:

The online portal

This is 100 pages long offering a good overview and information on family, care and health. The portal is also accessible from home.


2014 marks the launching of the parent-child-office as an emergency solution for parents when childcare arrangements fall through at short notice. A parent-child-office has already been set up at the Cologne office and one is planned for Stuttgart.

Advisory and intermediary services

Free information, advisory and intermediary services are available for all employees and their families regarding

  • Childcare and holiday arrangements for children
  • Childcare facilities outside the standard hours
  • Home care/elder care
  • Life coaching

VPV bears all employee expenses for advisory and intermediary services.

Employee and management training, team development and individual coaching

In addition to self-balancing and time-management training for employees, managers can acquire skills in „healthy leadership”. Team development measures are supported in order to promote clearly-defined common targets and effective decision-making structures that are generally accepted, as well as to promote conflict-managing skills. In individual coaching sessions fully funded by VPV and which focus on burnout prevention, employees and managers can strengthen their performance potential and their ability to work under pressure.

Regular „health days” and health check-ups

Each year a ”health day” is held to promote awareness of healthcare topics by offering a variety of health checks, preventive screening and short talks on personal experiences.