"Some are just lucky, others always bounce back - Handling stress and change"

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Project description

Logo des Gesundheitsmanagements der W&W
Logo des Gesundheitsmanagements der W&W

The healthcare management of Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG (W&W) provides seminars on resilience entitled „Some are just lucky, others always bounce back – handling stress and change”. Resilience is a person‘s inner strength. It helps a person to cope with conflicts, personal disappointments and life’s crises. It’s just like a child’s tumbling toy which always lands on its feet.

Resilient people do not let adverse life circumstances and bad luck get them down. They react creatively and flexibly in times of crisis in which others feel helpless. Resilient people see stress as a challenge rather than a problem. They recover faster from disappointment and failure then those who lack resilience.

Disappointments and crises are part of everybody’s life, but we can influence how we cope with it. We can learn to be resilient. W&W offers its employees company-wide a three-part series of events on this topic, comprising a workshop and two seminars. Senior managers (department heads) can take part in a one-day resilience training course (4 sessions in total).

The three-part series of events for W&W employees is made up of an introductory workshop and two follow-on practical seminars. In the introductory workshop „Recognise your own resilience” background information and interesting facts on resilience are discussed, as well as how to cope with difficult situations.

In the first practical seminar „Train your resilience” seven techniques of resilience are tried and used and each individual’s behavioural and thinking patterns which could limit individual resilience are analysed.

The second practical seminar „Integrate your resilience techniques” follows with a progress check which refreshes the material as well as the newly-acquired techniques and recommendations. In addition practical tips are given to maintain what has been learnt and generate success.

The aim of the seminars is to train self-monitoring and self-efficacy and to integrate this into important stages of life.

Partners involved

The resilience methods and techniques are taught by Inge and Michael Buss and are closely modelled on everyday life. The target group is both staff and management.

Impacts and benefits

The evaluation of the first introductory workshops on practising resilience showed an overall positive response. The workshop was successful in motivating 92% of participants to continue caring about their health. Further, 80% of participants stated that the seminar had had a positive impact on their well-being.