The SDK "Health day" in cooperation with gesundwerker eG

Project description

The „health day” with gesundwerker eG screening facilities was held as a pilot project in the summer of 2012 at Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung (SDK) in Fellbach, Augsburg, Freiburg and Ravensburg. It was then decided to organise the ”health day” annually and to expand the supporting programme around the gesundwerker facilities. The second ”health day” took place in October 2013 with a much broader supporting programme.

The concept of ”health days” visualises the following gesundwerker modules as an integral part of the annual event:

  1. Module: Exercise
    Body composition (e.g. skeletal muscle mass) is determined by measurements and light exercises. Each participant is then given an individual recommendation of exercises.
  2. Module: Nutrition
    This module focuses on a quiz and tips for targeted improvement of nutrition in everyday life. The completed quiz is analysed with an expert.
  3. Module: Relaxation
    How do we cope with stress? The „Stress Pilot Test” analyses exactly that – based on heart rate adaptability. The potential for improvement is demonstrated through a high quality presentation of the results and an individual consultation.

Completion of each module is recorded by a stamp in a health card. This is intended to be used on a long-term basis and serves as a record of individual changes over several years. After successfully completing the gesundwerker modules, each participant has their own health card with individual results and analyses.

In addition to the gesundwerker modules, the ”health days” offer a varied additional programme (e.g. physiotherapy, have-a-go sports classes and information stands) which is geared towards current topics and events. Some of these are then chosen for regular courses.

Partners involved

  • SDK a.G.
  • gesundwerker eG
  • Service providers (for have-a-go courses, information talks, physiotherapy etc.)

Impacts and benefits

A comparison of the figures for the previous year showed that in approximately 30% of SDK employees overall health had improved. If one bears in mind that many employees already have a good to very good overall state of health, the benefits must be seen in a very positive light. At the end of the ”health days” a feedback questionnaire was conducted which produced very positive responses. All in all the success of the health days can be seen.