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Despite an ever-increasing and well-qualified number of female graduates in many fields of study, women remain greatly underrepresented at management level in German companies. However, there are a number of studies suggesting that companies where both women and men are represented at board or top management level are also the companies that perform the best. According to figures published by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), the percentage of women on the management boards in the insurance industry in 2013 was 8.6%.

Although it’s a long time since it could be said that the insurance industry was a purely male domain, women at management level still remain underrepresented. This needs to be changed in the future. The insurance companies are actively working towards policies which provide a better balance of work and family life for both men as well as women.

The Employers’ Association of Insurance Companies in Germany (AGV) wants to support the insurance companies in their efforts to attract more women into management positions.

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  • Porträt von Julia Blank

    Julia Blank

    Volkswirtin (M.Sc.)

    Statistische und ökonomische Analysen
    Frauen in Führung
    Entwicklung neuer Veranstaltungsformate
    Women in Leadership & Culture

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    Betina Kirsch

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    Partial retirement
    Mobile working
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    Restructuring/operational transfers
    Remuneration (Solvency II)
    Gender quota

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  • Porträt von Simone Rehbronn

    Simone Rehbronn, M.A.


    Public relations
    Women in management
    Social autonomy
    Education surveys
    Training surveys
    Consumer price index (CPI)
    Health management

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